January 2008
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Rules rule!

I’ve always believed that following the rules, even the simplest ones is the most basic form of courtesy and respect for other people. I follow rules 99% of the time…don’t ask what happened to the other 1% because I do get my “moments” LOL! But really, I can get pretty annoying when I insist to do things the proper way, no short-cuts! I check the nitty-gritty details, and the fine prints when I have the time. Don’t get me wrong, I would get into trouble sometimes for not doing exactly what is told or what is in accordance with the law (not the serious stuff, though)…but why, oh why do I always come across people who just don’t wanna follow the rules?!? It’s either these people are simply ignorant or they don’t know how to read.

Case in point: I was running late for my PT session. Not exactly late but since I need to do cardioexercises for at least thirty minutes before my session at 930am and we arrived in the gym a bit after nine, I was late. I know I can make it up later after my session but still I could feel the adrenaline rush. Gym rules say, leave an ID and get a locker pass at the reception to be able to use the lockers in the changing rooms. The locker pass has a number on it, and use the locker with the same number with own lock and key. Every locker has a note attached inside and out telling the members that one MUST secure a pass. Only a dimwit would not understand that, right? But no! Yesterday, we got off the elevator, I got the number 2 locker pass, I greeted my consultant along the way and when I got to the changing room, locker#2 is occupied! I had to rush out again, the receptionist said sorry and gave me another pass.

Why am I making a big issue out of this? Because I am so OC I cannot just grab another locker and I really had to secure another pass or else I will feel guilty. The reception area is right there when the elevator door opens and one definitely passes by the area before the changing rooms, or even the main gym area. It takes less than a minute to register. So if others don’t follow the rules, I most probably will have to spend additional time going back and forth, and the walk mind you, takes longer than getting a pass!

I don’t care if they are old-timers (I said “they”, because there was one time, another member was about to put her things in MY locker and I didn’t see this lady yesterday). No one is excused from following the rules! Might as well scrap the rules altogether just to be fair! Rules are imposed so there will be order. Everybody is bound by these little things and if we start following them (even if there is no one to police us), then maybe this country will be a better place to live in. Don’t you agree?


p.s. And don’t even get me started on road rules!!!!!


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