April 2010
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Klaire’s New Trick :)

It’s been a while since I last shared K’s smilestones. This weekend started as a crappy one for me so her new trick is a breath of fresh air. Badong called my attention and then told K:

“Abi, wipe your mouth please.”

She was holding her wawa and much to my surprise, she followed what was asked! K wiped her own mouth, by herself! :) I am not sure if she will still remember to do this tomorrow when she wakes up but the trick itself made my day just the same.

By the way, she can now follow simple instructions like: Cover your dede, Hand me your bottle please, Come here, Get your book.

K never fails to amaze me each day!

2 comments to Klaire’s New Trick :)

  • Hihi! Cute cute nila noh teh pag nagagawa nila yung mga pinapasabi mo. I’m amazed at how kids these days are so advanced. Sabi nila sa milk daw yun, hehe!

  • kaje

    yeah, super nakakaaliw. amazing to see them grow and learn new things each day! ewan ko kung sa milk ha pero kasi gatas ni Abi now Nido na lang hindi na special formula hehehe baka it’s in the genes?!!? wahahaha

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