September 2010
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Replenishing Some Energy

I have been turning in extra early for the last few days. I’d find myself dozing off while waiting for Klaire to fall asleep then I’d be too sleepy to drag myself up from bed again. More sleep is doing me good I guess. I also think my body is appreciating that I am […]

My Husband has a Good Heart

Today, I am reminded why I love my husband (not that I forget ;)). Ane is a good man who has a generous heart. He is willing to give and share our extra. We do not have much but I consider us to be luckier than some. For that I am thankful also.

Walking and Posture

I remember my grade school science teacher would remind us the proper way to walk: Step. Roll. Step. Roll. She hated to see us dragging our feet and shoes around the building (she was annoyed to bits!). But more than her annoyance, she reminded us that walking properly will improve our posture. I recently […]

Blessings + Bonding = Happy Day!

I was up by four this morning for my coffee and to prepare our stuff. Yesterday, I already made sure that the documents are complete. We were out of the house by 5am and arrived at the Embassy before 6am. We exited the embassy grounds a little after 730am, all smiles. K was granted […]


I was reading threads in my e-groups and someone mentioned about Kindermusik. I’ve always wanted to enroll K in toddler classes but Ane and I feel that it is too early for that. But a playschool wouldn’t hurt? I searched online for Kindermusik and there is one near here. If ever we enroll, it […]

Klaire Naming Animals in the Book

This video was shot just the other day. Klaire is now almost 18m months old. Just a few weeks ago, she would just point at images when we ask her for it and would even turn the pages to look for what we’re asking for. Call me a stage-mother but I get teary-eyed each […]