November 2010
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Garage Sale

Last weekend was the first time we ever did a garage sale. We’re so used to giving away our old stuff (or sometimes, hold on some items because of the sentimental value!) that we did not know if people will actually buy our stuff. It was an out of the blue decision because less than two weeks before the event, there were still tables/slots available and we thought it proper to help the homeowner’s association & join.

I was busy through the days leading to that weekend  that I was only able to check our cabinets that Friday. Talk about purging cramming, LOL! I realized that we don’t have that much stuff so I was done before Ane arrived from work. That evening, our price tags were ready.

Morning came and we realized that we only had stalls, not tables. I lost interest and almost backed out thinking that we can always give away my old shoes anyway. But realizing that “patrons” were still waiting for more items, we decided to sell on the grass! About 95% of out items were gone in less than 20 minutes!

My brothers and I were elated because we never thought people would actually buy our “merchandise”. We earned a few hundreds from things we never use anymore! And best of all, I have extra space in the closet! :D

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