January 2011
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HK2010: The Peak, etc.

(Part 7: Moving to the City)

We started walking towards Harbour City again on the way to the Star Ferry Terminal. Now I did not realize how far it was until we actually walked for almost an hour! it was one of the things I did not include in the plan, and I was wrong […]

Showbiz Muna :)

This is probably old news (since I heard it last week) but I think actor Baron Geisler has finally admitted he needed help. He might need one of the best drug rehab treatment centers in the country to detoxify him from alcohol. This came about after an actress complained of harassment and unprofessionalism against […]

HK2010: Moving to the City

(Part 6: Disneyland Day 2)

We decided to start our day early so we checked out earlier than the regular time to move to another hotel. Our itinerary was to take the train even with our luggage in tow. It was a good experience to commute in a foreign land but it wasn’t the best […]

Local Jobs in HK

While on the topic of Disneyland HK…(can you guess I am stalling with my travel stories? I have a valid excuse, that much I can tell you :) K and I had a rough night so I was not able to work)…

One thing I noticed is that a lot of residents, young and […]

HK2010: Disneyland Day 2

(Part 5: Breakfast with Characters)


We got to the park around 11am. Our main task was to get to the first Festival of the Lion King show. We rode the Disney Railroad at Main Street and alighted at Fantasy World. K did not fully enjoy the short ride because she wasn’t too aware yet of […]

Blessed :)

Half of January has already passed and I can say that I am blessed with work. That’s a wonderful way to start the year eh? :) I have been pulling all-nighters, trying to get back on track and receiving good news yesterday morning meant I need to work more during graveyard. No complaints though […]