February 2011
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K Updates

So I will remember…

  • I am amazed by her memory. Before we moved here, she would say “Home!” when we approach the gate of the old community. That’s about a few meters away. Now, she needs to get used to the new surroundings before I can probably hear her say that again.
  • Today we went for a quick visit to my MIL, just before we turned the corner where their house is located, K started saying “Ta! Ta!” repeatedly. That stands for Mamita, how she calls her paternal grandmother.
  • Then we went to my parents’ where she blurted “Wowo! Wowo!” as soon as we entered the gate, calling for Lolo, my dad.
  • You must know that we do not frequent the parentals’ houses, so I am surprised that she remembers.
  • I have been getting feedback that K is well-behaved when I am away. As in no tantrums and she is very manageable, even agrees to sit when asked to. She craves my attention when I am around! I need to work on that.
  • She bonds with her Ate Rosh really well, but when she sees me (like earlier tonight when I returned from fetching Ane), she would jump for joy (as it appears to me) and promptly tell Rosh, “Byeeee Tete (Ate)!!” as if on cue.
  • I think we need to help her improve on her social skills. We sat in a CLH class today but clung to me. She was not participating but I knew she was enjoying because she was hesitant to leave.
  • She goes to sleep faster when I am not around. It is becoming our nightly routine: when she’s ready for bed, I go and spend ME time in the bathroom until Ane texts me that she’s already asleep. Otherwise, we’d be singing and reading and playing until she’s too tired.
  • It is the same during nap times, Rosh stays with her until she falls asleep.
  • I’ve started to get satisfied with her weight gain :) She eats just about anything and I am happy she’s not a picky eater.

For now, these are what I remember. I will blog about the rest as I remember them :)

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