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Varekai Experience | Cirque du Soleil

Grand Chapiteau Varekai Cirque du Soleil

We got to the Luneta Grandstand area by 5pm. We were very early because we tried to avoid the traffic rush (sayang naman pagleave ni Ane sa trabaho kung malelate din kami di ba?) And because we were early we got a good parking slot, right outside the tent gate. We thought we could grab early dinner there but we were too lazy to walk to the other side of the grandstand, where the harbor view restaurants are and we did not find anything we fancied either at the Manila Ocean Park mall.

We just waited until the gates opened at 530pm and we “feasted” on overpriced hotdogs and barbeque 0_0. Oh and we took pictures too :)

                       P1030031 P1030022 P1030037

It rained around 6pm so we were so glad we decided to stay put. Finally we were allowed inside the tent where we were able to take more pictures, enter into the raffle, get Manila Hotel discount cards, have our picture taken at the free photo booth. We ate some more hotdogs and bought popcorn too (warning if you will be there also: avoid the siopao, ewww).

                                          P1030055 P1030064

we did some stalking and I think we were successful, hehe:

Chico and Del

I wanted to buy this shirt:

varekai shirt 

But the price is steep I settled for the program instead :)

When we entered the bigtop, I was amazed that it was smaller than I expected. We had good aisle seats. Here’s the stage before we were stopped by the ushers (in fairness, we took a picture AFTER we saw other taking pictures too, hehehe. Pasaway):




My favorite in the first part is the Flight of Icarus, where Icarus the main character was suspended on air in a net while he did his thing :) For the second part, hands down, my fave was the Russian swings. It was when I was holding my breath and I was screaming my lungs out.

I found some parts of the show to be slow and I was nearly hoping that they get the excitement rolling again. I was never totally bored though and I must say that the whole experience was totally awesome for me. I heard that this show is tamed compared to the other shows abroad but since this is my first time, I truly appreciated the art and everything about it.

So there. One thing off my bucket list, but I’m afraid I am adding a new one: Watch as many Cirque shows as we can afford. Bless the husband. LOL!

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