March 2017
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Varekai Experience | Cirque du Soleil

We got to the Luneta Grandstand area by 5pm. We were very early because we tried to avoid the traffic rush (sayang naman pagleave ni Ane sa trabaho kung malelate din kami di ba?) And because we were early we got a good parking slot, right outside the tent gate. We thought […]

Bucket List Check: Cirque du Soliel

Before I tell you about the day we watched Varekai, I will tell you a little story. I noticed I was not able to share it before so I am posting this now.

You know how almost everyone has a bucket list? Well mine includes watching at least one Cirque du Soleil show. I do […]

SG ‘11: Dinner in Sengkang and Flight Home

This will be the last part of the Singapore travelogue, and I am both glad and relieved that I got to this point :) Remember I still have the Boracay escapade to blog about and I want it done before summertime ends.

Jessielyn and I have known each other from way back. It’s actually our […]

SG ‘11: Day Out with the Allanigues

(Part 7: Dinner with Ane’s Friends)

Hayds and I go a long way. We were close friends since high school. We went to the same University albeit we took different courses, so we were in different colleges. She started working ahead of me (because her degree was a few terms lesser than mine) but when […]

SG ‘11: Dinner with Ane’s Friends

One of the things that I really appreciated about our Singapore trip was the fact that friends actually made time to see us. I felt that we were less strangers with this tiger country because we knew a lot of people who are currently living and working there. Ane’s friends used to work here […]

SG ‘11: Sentosa Island

(Part 5: Songs of the Sea)

I had a separate IT made for this day alone. I scheduled Sentosa Island on Chinese New Year because I read that the attractions are open even on the holiday. I had activities lined up, including those that will test my fear of heights. I was ready to conquer […]