March 2017
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LO Share: Ten Minutes

After a million years, I scrapped again. I finished two layouts in a day, which is a feat I think. I must push myself more so I can finish Klaire’s first year photos!

Journaling reads: Your Mommy Yoya took this picture with her  phone when she met you for the first time, about […]

Post Processing Tips

I am no photographer (heck I don’t even know how to use the manual settings of our DSLR) but I consider myself a digital artist (not an expert though). Fine, I post-process some of my shots to make them nicer but I know just when to stop so as not to overdo it :) […]

I scrapped…Well, kind of :)

I am now a rusty old woman when it comes to scrapping, that is why I wanted to apply some oil and put the limited skills I have into use already. Getting a new phone pushed me to whip something up so I can use something as a wallpaper pronto. And this is what […]

Eyeing Epson 1400

Ever since K’s party (and even during the preps, if I may say), I played with the idea of designing invites and selling them. And it led me to researching on printers that can be cost-effective if I want to go into full-blast invites business. I came across Epson 1400.

Intercession of St. Clare of Assisi (and layout share)

Last week, someone from the parish sent me a message asking for my testimony about how St. Clare interceded for us and the miracle that I conceived after our devotion in Obando in 2008. I finished the testimonial but I still do not know how it will reach the priest who requested for it. […]

First Video Project

The last few days before Klaire’s birthday, I was busy finishing her AVP. I am happy with the output and everyone seems to love it too :) We showed this during the program:

Klaire’s First Birthday AVP from Kaje Salvador on Vimeo.

This is a true labor of love, I did the layouts page […]