March 2017
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Letter to Santa

Yesterday, I helped K with her letter to Santa. This is the first time she prepared one. Last year, she wasn’t too aware yet. Also, we were away on Christmas eve/day that I didn’t encourage it at all. K can’t write yet except for the letters of her nickname so I just let her […]

Future Ballerina

Here’s an instant scrap layout I made weeks ago:

Can you tell I got ideas for first dance recital gifts when I saw K doing this? LOL. I never saw her do this until that day when she called my attention and showed me. Good thing she was game to do it again so I […]

Quotable Klaire

Part of my memory-keeping projects is posting anecdotes and quotes by K. So far, I’ve got 34 Instagram posts about the funny stuff K tells me. Here’s an example:

It amazes me how she converses with us these days. We don’t teach her words or how she should construct her sentences but she comes […]


K discovered a new character the other night:

This was my caption for this photo, my Photo-a-Day entry yesterday:

K discovered a new character. She told me, "Nanay, let’s watch Ohlibah!"

Me: Ohlibah?!

K: No, Ohlibah!

Me: That’s what I said!

Ane had to butt in, "She means Oliver!"

Me: Ate, you want us to watch […]

Tagaytay Saturday

Last Saturday was R’s first out of town trip. It was an impromptu trip as Mom only thought of it on Friday afternoon. Thus Ane could not join us because he had a previous commitment to be in their company badminton tournament.

We started the day really early by leaving the house just before […]

Horsing Around

K is more active these days. She used to be the type of kid who would just sit on one corner to look at her books, play with toys or the iPad. Now, you’d think we will need a wrestling mat because she would engage us in “wrestling” matches on the bed anytime she […]