March 2017
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Think, Type, Edit, Proofread and Publish

That fourth word, I always take that for granted. I always end up going back to my entry to fix it, even days after it has been published! I’d get OC when I see a wrong punctuation here and there. Or a wrong word. Or a word spelled incorrectly. I don’t learn my lesson, […]

Use of On and In

This is a common mistake that I see when people write a sentence with a date. Some are confused when to use “on” and “in”.

Use “on” when the date is specific, meaning there is a day. It doesn’t matter if you include the year or not. For instance:

We will meet on […]

Tips on Photo editing | Enhancing Photos | Extracting Photos

When I have the time, I enjoy playing with Photoshop and photos. The things you can do with photos are limitless. Sometimes, I find myself gawking at photos online. Some are SOOC’s (which make them even more amazing) but a lot are enhanced in Photoshop (that make me go, “How’d they do that?). So […]

Please do not copy c")

I became a victim of blog entry swiping (the one I wrote on The Time Traveler’s Wife). As in this person copied my text and posted it in his blog. Although he linked me up, I was still annoyed. I edited my entry because I don’t expect that I will sleep peacefully if I […]

Add-on successfully installed!

When I decided to use Firefox, instead of IE, I thought it was perfect just as it is. All I wanted was to block those nasty pop-ups, and for me FF was doing its purpose.

Then I got hooked on Twitter where I get tips and learn new things from my Bebot friends. They would […]

Go where?

This is what I get from watching too much TV. I get peeved when people try to speak English and I observe that they’re either pronouncing the words wrong or the grammar is incorrect. Sometimes, the sentence construction is not exactly pretty to hear.

Look, I am not perfect and I commit a lot […]