March 2017
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Monday Blues

We’re staying home today and K is missing school. My arms are too sore to drive because we were out the whole weekend. K is bummed, she told me she’ll miss her classmates and teachers. But I think we girls need this break after the trips we made this weekend. Now I need to think of ways to entertain the girls today. Maybe we can squeeze a quick trip to the grocery this afternoon, we’ll see.

Have a blessed week ahead!


We had a very busy and tiring weekend. I am squeezing in some work before I hit the sack but it seems my mind’s already blank and can’t think of ideas anymore. Ane told me to just sleep this off first and just wake up early so I can work before the girls wake up in the morning. But I can’t trust my body to get up early, LOL! Anyway, we were at my parents’ house practically the whole day because it is my dad’s birthday today. We spent the day eating, playing, chatting, and watching old local show episodes & concerts online.

Okay, my break’s over. I got to work on some of my assignments now. Good night world! I hope you all had a fruitful weekend.

So many posts, so little time

Notice that I didn’t have much to post in February but that’s only because I didn’t find the time to update at all! I have so much to share but turning on my laptop has taken a back seat because it’s a chore as it is. I have plans of getting a blogging app for the iPad so I can update anytime, or even just note my thoughts when offline. I just need to pay for my hosting and that’s my next purchase.

Anyway, as I said, I have a lot of stuff to share and record for my memory-keeping. R has been hysterically funny and K’s school activities need highlighting too. Even Ane’s commuting adventures are worth sharing (I guess).

Gotta go for now, weekend starts now and it’s gonna be a busy one. Happy weekend!

She wants to sing!

I think K has a party hangover. Out of the blue on Sunday afternoon, she announced that she would like to sing at her birthday party and that we should provide her with an instrument!  I think Ate Olin inspired her! She even told me she made up a song and that’s what she’s gonna sing. Her birthday is this Thursday, no time to practice anymore, right? And besides, her “party” is really just a small one at her school. But our little K is quite insistent, she just might get her wish. You bet I have something to record on video. :)

Party Weekend


The girls playing by the the stage before the party started.

We looked forward to yesterday for months now. We were invited to Olin’s 7th birthday and the theme was Rockstar. We made sure we’d be there even if the party venue is located in Cavite. We’re not really familiar with the area (we got lost getting there actually!) but for the love of the birthday girl and her mommy, we went. The girls had a blast too! It was a fun and great party! And because it was a Rockstar party, aside from Wanlu and Leodini, we got entertained by a mini concert by the group Jive and the birthday girl herself, accompanied by J (on drums) and 2 daddies on guitar and bass.  We went home tired but happy. It’s always worth our time when spent with the Bebots and their families.

Nailed it.

Screwed it, more like it. Finally, after two wall clocks in less than two weeks, our third one is still up there on our wall days after we bought it.


After the other two clocks fell and shattered, we realized we can’t just use one of those adhesive hooks. Even if I disapprove of creating holes for screws, it left us no choice (click here to see what other stuff we tried). Now I’m a happy camper and I don’t lose track of time anymore when at home. When you need more than two hands to perform household chores while taking care of two little girls, a wall clock is definitely a lifesaver! :)