April 2014
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Nailed it.

Screwed it, more like it. Finally, after two wall clocks in less than two weeks, our third one is still up there on our wall days after we bought it.


After the other two clocks fell and shattered, we realized we can’t just use one of those adhesive hooks. Even if I disapprove of creating holes for screws, it left us no choice (click here to see what other stuff we tried). Now I’m a happy camper and I don’t lose track of time anymore when at home. When you need more than two hands to perform household chores while taking care of two little girls, a wall clock is definitely a lifesaver! :)

The Pope Francis List

Do you have New Year’s resolutions? Personally, I don’t list down resolutions year after year after year, because I tend to break them anyway (e.g. lose weight. hah!). But I saw this compilation by Rappler, they called it The Pope Francis List because these are lessons the Pope shared in 2013:

1. Don’t gossip.

2. Finish your meals.

3. Make time for others.

4. Choose the “more humble” purchase.

5. Meet the poor “in the flesh”.

6. Stop judging others.

7. Befriend those who disagree.

8.  Make commitments, such as marriage.

9. make it a habit to “ask the Lord.”

10. Be happy.


Such simple words, and easy to understand, but I believe doing these things will make anyone a better person. Happy new year everyone!

Reunions and Parties

I think I already figured out why I was “out of the zone” for the holidays this year. I see pictures of parties and reunions here & there. Those made me realize how much I miss friends and just be social (out of social media), if you know what I mean? I feel out of touch with everybody. It’s just that schedules are hectic and some friends are abroad. Anyway, the holidays aren’t over yet and we’re scheduled to meet friends after NY, so those are events to look forward to :)


Two days before Christmas, we had a simple party at my brothers’ apartment with relatives from Mom’s side. We usually have Christmas lunch together but with the passing of Tita, we all decided it would be better to try something different this year. Instead of making Tatay cook for us, everybody contributed to a potluck instead. This worked fine and better for all of us. Sharing is more fun! :) We also didn’t have the usual games everybody does in parties. We just ate and told stories (old and new, the old stories still crack us up!) and shared jokes, discussed plans (some best desk studio my tito and cousins talked about) and work-related stuff, and we took photos of course. I think we created a new tradition and I like it.

Merry Christmas!

Before everything and everyone get busy…


I will be having limited internet connection until tomorrow so better to have this greeting out as early now, lest I forget. Enjoy precious moments with your family!

School break

We’re finally on a school break! I was looking forward to it more than K did! LOL! School break means break from driving duties too (at least I won’t be driving every weekday until next year). Before K and her classmates were sent to their break, they had their class party and presentation today. It wasn’t as exciting mogami instrument cables at guitar center but K definitely made my day by participating with the whole class. She enjoyed every minute spent at school today (well, not while “Santa” was there).

I can sleep early tonight without worrying about over-sleeping and being late for class. Our schedule for tomorrow only gets busy in the early afternoon when we get ready to fetch tatay from work so we could go to the Ayala lights display together. Ah, bliss.

My Tactful Daughter

I’ve been cooking every night (well, except for a few days when we’re not home) since we moved to our building. I’ve had a few misses but it’s more important that my family is eating anything that I cook ;p One night last week, I cooked breaded fish fillet. K asked what was for dinner while I was in the kitchen and exclaimed, “ Wow, favorite ko po yan!”

I served this for dinner:


And then K opened this conversation:

K: Nanay, di ba dapat light?

Me: What do you mean, sa kulay o bigat?

It took a few seconds before she asked again…

K: Uhhmmmm…Sunog po ba ito?


LOL! I didn’t know if I should be offended or just laugh it off. But it seems my daughter knows how to choose her words so she won’t hurt my feelings. Hehe.